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We are LowTide, a coffee roasting business based in Portchester, Hampshire.

The dream for LowTide is to provide high quality, speciality beans whilst building a brand that our customers are proud to be part of.

The service we provide and the relationships we build are incredibly important to us. We understand every customer has different needs and adapting to meet these are an important part of our service.

Not only has it been important for us to really perfect the roasting element but also to work hard on our branding, purely because we want to stand out from the crowd! 


We were both born and raised in Portchester and therefore incorporating those roots within our logo was something we were keen to achieve. Hence the nod to our very own claim to fame...Portchester Castle!


In the early stages of our venture, we took the time to meet with various different suppliers in a bid to make sure we were using the best quality beans.

Our plan was always to focus on one region, perfect it and use this as a platform to expand our range.

Where to start? So much history behind every region, all with such so much to offer! Colombia seemed like the most obvious choice,  based on market research and tried and tested samples from a selection of coffee lovers. Put it this way, lot's of caffeine was consumed in those early months and many beans used as practice!

With a variety of different flavour profiles including clementine, praline, chocolate, mango, apricot and sweet milk there really is something for everyone. 

We love hearing what you think and your feedback will help us shape and develop our future products. So follow our socials and be part of our journey.


Providing high quality beans is our ultimate goal but we are completely aware that we form only a small part of the beans journey.

Ultimately that last pour and epic first sip is the showstopper. This responsibility sits with the barista and we want to make sure we are engaged with those who are customer facing and supporting if required.

This could be regular training sessions, presence within the cafe setting or support and ideas to help create the perfect cup.

We also know it's important that our customers are using their home tools effectively so we share tutorials along with helpful hints & tips. From Aeropress to the Cafetiere, there's something for everyone!


J O I N  O U R  M A I L I N G  L I S T

T H A N K Y O U !

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